Online Courses

Model evaluation lecture. Intro to Species Distribution Modeling course, Sapienza University, Rome, Italy (remote). June 10, 2021. URL: https://youtu.be/GzF57egpIgQ

Wallace Ecological Modeling Application: flexible and reproducible modeling of species’ niches and distributions built for community expansion. ENM 2020: Online course in ecological niche modeling. Week 19, Course 2. May 18, 2020. Kass J. M. & Pinilla-Buitrago, G. E. URL: https://youtu.be/kWNyNd2X1uo

Data subsetting for evaluation of species distribution models. ENM 2020: Online course in ecological niche modeling. Week 13, Course 2. April 6, 2020. URL: https://youtu.be/nyxygSRNzLw

Mini Courses

Introduction to the R programming language. Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University. January 25, 30 and February 3, 6, 2020. Sections taught by Kass JM: 1) Introduction to R: Data types, tables, and iteration; 2) Beginning data science with dplyr. Other instructors: Sieveritz B, Friedman NR.


Species Distribution Modeling for Conservation. Hanoi University of Science, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Vietnam. 25 – 26 July, 2019. Sections taught by Kass JM: 1) Major steps/pitfalls to SDMs – bias, partitioning, tuning; 2) Model evaluation and projection. Blair M. E., Galante, P. J., *Kass, J. M., Le, M.

Wallace, a modular software for modeling species niches and distributions: tour of the workflow and extending functionality with custom R functions. International Biogeography Society 2nd Latin American Biogeography Meeting. 5 August, 2019, Quito, Ecuador. Pinilla-Buitrago, G. E., Babich Morrow, C., Galante, P. J., Kass, J. M.

Species distribution modeling for conservation in R and Wallace. 9th Annual Meeting, Student Conference on Conservation Science – New York, American Museum of Natural History. 24 – 26 October 2018, New York, NY. Aeillo-Lammens, M. E., Kass J. M., Pinilla-Buitrago, G. E., Paz, A.

Wallace: A New Modular GUI Software for Modeling Species Niches and Distributions. 98th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists. 25 – 29 June, 2018. Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS. Kass, J. M., Pinilla-Buitrago, G. E., Anderson, R. P.

Expanding Wallace biodiversity modeling software to support Colombia BON assessment and reporting. 17 – 19 April 2018. Alexander von Humboldt Institute, Venado de Oro, Bogotá, Colombia. Anderson, R. P., Kass, J. M.

Integrating and cleaning biodiversity data: workflows to model ranges and merge associated ecological, phylogenetic, and trait information. 2017 Biennial Conference, International Biogeography Society. 9 – 13 January 2017. University of Arizona, Tucson. Merow, C., Aeillo-Lammens, M. E., Anderson, R. P., Boyle, B., Enquist, B. J., Kass, J. M., McGill, B., Maitner, B., Moreuta-Holme, N., Kerkhoff, A., Svenning, J-C.